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Multimedia message, originally uploaded by Migrant Records 2009.

This is the Post It Note that came stuck to the DOD 640 Flanger we got repaired by Analogman last month.

You can read more about the experiences we had with pedal modification by both Analogman as well as Keeley Electronics over at the Gearslutz forum.

Long story short: the repair on the DOD 640 was not going well.  We were told to brace ourselves for the fact that it would never be 100%.  Yet, apparently with some last-minute tinkering........

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Recent goings-on at Famous London Recording Studio:

On Thursday night Yon and I worked on what is shaping up to be the penultimate song on Matthew Lovelace's upcoming full length.  At least for now.  The song is called "Steel Guitar", and we hope to have a version posted to the Migrant Song of the Day soon.  Just gotta get some vocals on it first.

Later Thursday night Kym and Eric of Plainclothes Tracy stopped by to hammer out some details for the recording of *their* upcoming full length.  Plus, Eric had never seen the studio.  Anyway, it was very productive...and I'm really stoked to begin working with them.

On Saturday, Yon and I reconvened to work on "Steel Guitar" for the entire afternoon, culminating in what is now informally referred to as Steel Guitar Day.  Two basses, three guitars, kick drum, and some tambourine were all added to the track.  Once we have a Steel Guitar Day II, the song'll be really cooking. 

This week: more Hudson K?  More Kym overdubs onto Matthew's tracks?  Maybe some "Zombies!" work?  Time will tell.    

Album Building

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So over Christmas break Matthew Lovelace got to come visit for almost a week, and in that time we got to work on his album.  It'd been awhile, and while Fred and I had done some work on it on our own, we were starting to lose the feeling that we all knew what we were trying to do and where we wanted it to go.

What an awesome week that turned out to be.

Some of the demos he brought in were good enough to use as final tracks, and between the work we got in on those and the work we did on pre-existing tracks, we got together almost the entire album.  It's not finished, and all these songs might not make it (I've got 12 "definites" on my iTunes right now, but there are at least that many waiting in the wings that we could work up pretty quickly), but now there's a shape.  I can listen to all that we've worked on, and there's a flow from song to song.

This is probably my favorite part of making albums.  The bones are almost all there.  It's just about fleshing things out now.  Adding parts (or whole songs, even), changing the order around, thinking about the tone and feel.  It's turning out a little quieter and more low-key than I'd expected.  I'm excited for people to hear it.

(Parenthetically, this is also my favorite part of making albums because I can hear past the mistakes.  Anything that's not right is just an opportunity to make the song better.  This is in stark contrast to the deflation of getting a CD back from the presses and listening for the first time.  "Well, that's not right.  And it's there.  FOREVER."  (Second parenthetical: this feeling goes away after a couple of months.))

Still, there's a feeling that maybe the whole form is going to disappear.  Not music, obviously.  But as the media for music pushes towards electronic only, and people more and more buy music by the song, making a whole album seems like an archaic idea.

But I don't care.  I still love collecting songs into groups of 10-14 and trying to get them to add up to something greater than the sum.


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Rachel S-P came by last night with her compadre and bandmate Christina Horn to dub some flute onto one of the Hudson K songs we're working on.  Turned out great.  A bass part was nixed.  Banjo was given the green light, although it was suggested that we use a clawhammer banjo with nylon strings for an "older" sound (essentially, the sound of gut...ew).  Rachel will provide that.  It was a good idea.  The song's coming together well.  Oh, and Rachel's one hell of a flutist.

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