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Whew. It's been seventeen weeks since our last journal entry, says the hand-dandy Live Journal welcome screen. When you put it like *that*...! I suppose I better get crackin' on filling you in on our progress over the last few months.

I'd like to think that the fact that we haven't written---we've been so damned busy---is actually a *good* thing. I'm a pretty good hype guy ("hypist"? "hypewriter"?), but I've kind of lost the desire to hype recently...I feel like we've been putting our money where our mouths are, so we haven't had the time or energy or desire to hype it all. I think the results of our labor will be hype enough. We'll see.

Most recently, we've been in contact with Team Clermont, arguably the finest independent music promoters in the entire country. I sent them a copy of the Rockwells' most recent CD, Place & Time. I wasn't expecting such a quick and enthusiastic response. Within 48 hours of sending them our music, they got back to us and strongly encouraged us to promote the CD through them. We've had some more email correspondence, and we have a conference call scheduled for this afternoon. It's all very exciting, and a little scary. After doing so much of this kind of promotion stuff on our own, it's thrilling to be working with someone who seems to give a damn, but it's also slightly freaky, as it could lead to a lot of great things...or it could all be a dead end and we'll be on our own yet again. Over all, very cool.

The upcoming Migrant Sampler is moving along at fever pitch now. The final sequence is finally taking shape, and songs are edging closer to being completely finished and ready for the mastering process. It's all a bit out of control at the moment, but it's sounding really good. Everyone's done such a good job on their tracks. We hope to have everything completely done next month, October at the latest, for an autumn release.

Actually, we hope to have the bulk (if not all) of the recording and mixing done on the Sampler by the time we go to the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincy toward the end of September. We're going for the entire fest, but we play Thursday, September 25th at 11 PM at the New Stage Collective. It'll be great to spend some time with Tommy and Trace's sister Tricia, and to see Cincy again. Last September was the first in four years that we didn't visit Cincinnati to play MPMF, as Sophie was born right around then. It's good to be back.

While there, we'll be pushing our little room, long ago dubbed the Famous London Recording Studio, for semi-public use. Tricia Bateman is very graciously designing FLRS business cards for us, and I'm working on designing a decent little site for our decent little room. We're planning on producing songs for people and arranging for them, with an emphasis on pre-production, use of demos, and eclectic sounds. We already have some sessions loosely booked for the fall/winter. Whoo!

We've almost completely finished mixing J.D. Reager's new CD. He plans on having it mastered by Memphis' own Kevin Cubbins next month. It's been a long haul, and this is our first album we've mixed entirely within our DAW it's a very special project to us. It feels really good to have it almost done.

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, we've finally gotten hold of mixable masters for the Slick project. It's a long story, and not terribly interesting to anyone outside of me, Jonathan, and Slick (or so I'm told, anyway). But suffice it to say, the process took several tries, many man hours, and a FedEx package to Montreal. But the results are stellar, and entirely worth it. In fact, these new masters are probably higher fidelity than the originals. A Slick CD is indeed coming down the pike. And there will be a Slick track on the Migrant Sampler. :)

Otherwise, it's sort of the same ol': Matthew Lovelace is planning a visit soon to continue to work on his debut EP, and he continues to demo more songs on his new DAW rig in Athens for a follow-up full-length later on. We haven't had much of a chance to use the new Huston drums much, as we've been focusing on dubbing and mixing. We can't wait to get some more hours in on 'em.

I WILL be better about journal entries. I WILL be better about journal entries. I WILL be better about journal entries. I WILL be better about journal entries. I WILL be better about journal entries...

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