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Original Cyndi

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Fred and I have written about Original Cyndi here before.  Now someone else has written about them here.  Not all press is worth linking to, unfortunately, but this article is a good one.  Justin does like to put on a show with a capital 'S.'

[FLRS Activity]

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Recent goings-on at Famous London Recording Studio:

On Thursday night Yon and I worked on what is shaping up to be the penultimate song on Matthew Lovelace's upcoming full length.  At least for now.  The song is called "Steel Guitar", and we hope to have a version posted to the Migrant Song of the Day soon.  Just gotta get some vocals on it first.

Later Thursday night Kym and Eric of Plainclothes Tracy stopped by to hammer out some details for the recording of *their* upcoming full length.  Plus, Eric had never seen the studio.  Anyway, it was very productive...and I'm really stoked to begin working with them.

On Saturday, Yon and I reconvened to work on "Steel Guitar" for the entire afternoon, culminating in what is now informally referred to as Steel Guitar Day.  Two basses, three guitars, kick drum, and some tambourine were all added to the track.  Once we have a Steel Guitar Day II, the song'll be really cooking. 

This week: more Hudson K?  More Kym overdubs onto Matthew's tracks?  Maybe some "Zombies!" work?  Time will tell.    

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