Catching a Cold

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Before I got my tonsils out (which was fairly recently), I got sick all the time.  It was just a regular thing I had to deal with.  After a couple of sickness-free years, it's kind of a kick in the teeth catching a cold.

But here we are.

I started feeling not-quite-right on the way down to Memphis with Val, and one poor night's sleep and a day in a smoke-filled casino later, I'm full-blown ill.  Other than that, our trip is going quite well.  I'm having fun hanging out with mom and dad and val, and just generally taking it easy.

Tomorrow I'll pack the car with as much music junk as I can (which will mainly be a drum kit and, hopefully, a speaker cab), drug myself up real good, then drive on back to Knoxville.  Good times. 

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