remix from the upcoming J.D. Reager and the Cold-Blooded Three CD, title to be determined

by the J.D. Reager

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Fred says: "This song was originally used on a Makeshift Compilation (I believe it was Makeshift 3). It was recorded at Unclaimed Recordings in Memphis, and it's one of my favorites of J.D.'s new batch of songs. It it hadn't already been used elsewhere, it would likely be the track to be on the upcoming Migrant Sampler.

"By the time we got the masters of this song to remix, it was pretty much finished. Several of the tracks we've mixed for J.D.'s new album came to us nearly finished, or with a request that we add a few things here and there for flavor. On a few songs, we added things without being asked to---but we gladly took them off if J.D. didn't like it. But I'd heard some 'call-and-response' backing vocals on this song for a long time, and I figured that this was a good opportunity to try those out. So we did. You can hear them now.

"We also added tambourine in the second half of the song, and Yon dubbed some neat french horn flourishes at the very end. I ended up editing the organ part so it answers the verse vocals. We added a little distorted guitar line in the second stanza toward the end. Several little things that don't really distract from the song's original intent, but adds spice here and there.

"The mix itself was one of the easier ones. This song isn't super dense, and J.D.'s drum part makes such a good backbone that crafting a good mix around it was pretty easy, and also fun. The percussive bass also made things easier. There are two great solos in the middle and end that anchor the song as well. Lots of fun. Maybe it's an album opener? Hmmm...

"The count in at the beginning might or might not stay. We'll see in the mastering process."

Jonathan Says: "As far as the call and response vocals, I believe we put those on awhile back. JD brought copies of his songs to Knoxville and asked Tommy and Fred and I to add some stuff. Tommy added Trombones to a few songs, I added some French Horn to a few (including this one), Fred did some bass playing, and Fred and I added these backing vocals.

"The funny thing is that we recorded the backing vocals simultaneously. Twice. So I sang the high part and Fred sang the low into the same mic, and then we did it again. Normally we’d do the parts individually (four times total), so there’d be more options in the mix phase (say, if the high part was too loud), but it sounded good while we were doing it, so we took the attitude of “We’re going to do it quick and dirty. Let whoever’s mixing it figure it out!

"And then JD asked us to mix it.

"It all worked out great. The backing vocals didn’t cause us any problems in the mix, and I like the energy of us singing at the same time. Still, I’m going to be a little more careful in the future of planning on letting someone else fix it in the mix. It could end up being us. Actually, at this point with the stuff we’re working on, it’ll almost certainly be us."